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September 30, 2016: More information on social events

July 7, 2016:Invited speakers announced

June 20, 2016: Program online

June 16, 2016:
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April 12, 2016:
Accepted Special Session on Intelligent Computing for Smart Cities

March 30, 2016:
Accepted Special Issue on New trends and Innovations in Intelligent Distributed Computing

March 2016:
New extended deadline:
April 4

December 2015:
The CFP is online.

October 2015:
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Special Issues

Special Issue on "New trends and Innovations in Intelligent Distributed Computing"

Distributed Systems are currently facing new challenges of adapting and reusing research results in the area of Intelligent Systems. Intelligent Systems are using methods and technology derived from Knowledge-Based and Computational Intelligence. Distributed Computing develops methods and technology to build systems that are composed of collaborating components. The fast growth of Big Data and Data Mining areas have originated interesting challenges to classical methods, algorithms and frameworks from Distributed Computing, this makes especially interesting to analyse and research into the new trends an innovations that are swiftly appearing in this area. This special issue welcomes submissions of original papers introducing research results on all the aspects covering the roles of Knowledge and Intelligence in Distributed Systems, ranging from concepts and theoretical developments to advanced technologies and innovative applications.

These manuscripts will be selected from those highly quality works, presented at the 10th International Symposium on Intelligent Distributed Computing (IDC’2016). The manuscripts will be judged solely on the basis of new contributions excluding the contributions made in earlier publications. Contributions should be described in sufficient detail to be reproducible on the basis of the material presented in the paper and the references cited therein.